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Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design


The interior of a beauty salon is nearly as important as the skill level of the stylists working there. From adequate lighting to an overall mood, the design of your studio is both practical and cosmetic. Despite the importance of a sleek and functional atmosphere, you may be concerned about the costs associated with interior design. That is why we have put together a little guide for low budget beauty salon interior design, along with accessible financing options for small business owners. 

Why A Salon’s Interior Design Matters

Again, you may wish to eschew a well-thought out interior and use your funds for things like higher end equipment or a larger space. However, the look and feel of your salon should be a priority for a few reasons:

Brand Awareness

A cohesive interior design with carefully selected color schemes, a prominently displayed logo, and customer-centric amenities will help ensure your brand is memorable. Your customers will begin to associate a specific feeling and decor with their hair styling services, hoping you stand out from the competition. Your low budget beauty salon interior design strategy should include actionable ways to firmly establish your brand.

Customer Loyalty

Clients who enjoy the look and feel of your salon are more likely to become repeat customers. After all, taking the time and money to carefully curate your interior demonstrates that you care about your brand and your customer’s comfort. A low budget salon interior design plan will prioritize things like a comfortable waiting area, a nice bathroom, a clean and pleasant atmosphere, and tasteful accents. 

Improved Efficiency

A well-designed interior maximizes the space and allows you to do your job more efficiently. For example, perfect lighting and reflective surfaces can show your work in the most flattering light possible while also allowing you to see the finest detail of a cut and color. Lighting your space should be another priority when designing a low budget beauty salon interior. 

Guide to Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design

We have discussed prioritizing customer comfort and functionality of the space. So, what are some tangible ways to achieve this on a low budget?

Use Existing Architecture to Your Advantage

Your salon’s space may already have certain features that will enhance your client experience. If you have lots of windows, for example, don’t cover them with blinds or curtains. Natural light is free and flattering. You may be able to save on additional overhead lighting simply by maximizing the light streaming in from outside. Likewise, if you have existing “barriers” in place, such as support beams, these can act as built-in privacy divisions for customers. 

The height of your interior will also play a critical role in your low budget beauty salon interior design. High ceilings already create a sense of added space but can feel somewhat cold if not properly decorated. An accent wall is a surefire way to tone down the vastness of a vaulted ceiling. You will also want to hang artwork higher than usual and break up large swathes of wall with shelves or other decor. 

On the other hand, if you have lower ceilings, try to elongate the space with taller furniture and accents. Some of the easiest and cheapest ways to do this include

  • High-reaching potted plants
  • Long-legged accent tables
  • Vertical mirrors
  • Paint an accent wall with vertical patterns 
  • Minimalist decor (white pottery, seating, etc.)

Invest in Adjustable Lighting

Again, the lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of your salon. Even in a low budget beauty salon interior design plan, adjustable lighting is a worthwhile investment. This is true for both your overhead lighting and movable fixtures. You will be able to accommodate natural lighting fluctuations due to weather or the seasons.  

When it comes to choosing the movable fixtures themselves, you don’t need to go crazy. Not every station needs its own lamp, for example. Space a few tall lighting elements strategically around the salon. They do not even necessarily need to match, which allows you to buy some lamps second hand and save even more. 

Don’t Skimp on the Paint

If nothing else, a fresh coat of paint is an economical way to brighten your salon and immediately set the mood. Design on a color palette that both reflects your brand and compliments the space. 

You can also save money by painting the interior yourself–just make sure you do a good job! Shoddy paintwork can be worse than not painting at all. Take your time, and be sure to use the right kind of paint: interior with at least an eggshell finish. Semi-gloss is the best for high traffic spaces that will need to be wiped down. 

Invest in Durable Flooring

Damaged or old-fashioned flooring deserves a facelift as well. You won’t want to splash out on real wood or luxury carpeting. Rather, choose a solid middle ground with luxury vinyl planking (LVP). It has the universal and classy appeal of wood floors without the high maintenance. LVP comes in a variety of colors and finishes to match your desired look. 

Thrift for Decor 

While you prioritize your lighting, flooring, and paint, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice on the fun part: decor! There are loads of online and local second hand shops that have quality pieces, from framed art to drawer pulls. Not only will you potentially save hundreds of dollars, you may acquire items that are truly one-of-a-kind. 

A low budget beauty salon interior design that includes secondhand items is sure to be a talking point for visitors. Plus, you’ll be doing your part to reduce the carbon footprint that comes with buying new items. 

Financing for Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design

Did you know that a SBA 504 loan can be used to purchase fixed assets for your beauty salon? This includes furniture, equipment, and decor! In Colorado, CEDCO has helped local small businesses achieve their goals for more than thirty years. Whether you need help financing a low budget beauty salon interior, purchasing a new location, building a facility from the ground up, we can help you secure a loan. Call or go online today to schedule a free consultation. 

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