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Welcome! CEDCO is proud to announce a Realtor Continuing Education Event! Learn about the SBA 504 Loan, and the opportunity to help businesses own more.

In this ever-changing market, there is opportunity to help many business owners and companies take full advantage of SBA loans.

These continuing education courses can cover a range of topics. Get an edge in your local market, and make sure you understand how a business owner can fund business improvements, own their space, or more through government funding.

This continuing education is for real estate agents, commercial lenders, and Realtors. 

Class Features

In Depth the SBA 504 Loan

Permitted Use

How is a business able to use the SBA 504 loan proceeds.

Business Loans

What are the other types of SBA loans, and what are their requirements.

Business Growth

How the SBA 504 loan, and others, help promote small business growth?


Who is eligible to qualify for the SBA 504 loan

Loan Structure

Learn how the SBA 504 loan is structured, and what collateral is needed.


What documentation is required for your borrower.

More Details about the CEDCO

Continuing Education Course

CEDCO will cover the history of the SBA as a whole, and go into detail all about the SBA 504 loan. 

The SBA 504 program helps promote small business growth, CEDCO will go into detail about the loan and history of how it’s affected small business, then compare the loan to other SBA loan types.

If you’re interested in learning about types of projects and borrowers that are eligible for this type of financing, join this course as CEDCO will take time to share a profile of the type of business that can use this financing as well as some general loan structure and collateral guidelines.

The SBA has detailed requirements for businesses. They must help the community; adding jobs, stabilizing the economy of the area, going green etc.  CEDCO will discuss how to help make sure these requirements are met.

You will have an understanding of the required documents from the borrower, as well as the role the conventional lender at the end of this course.