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Is Starting an RV Park a Good Idea?

RV park in Colorado with mountain backdrop

Starting an RV park can be a lucrative business venture, especially as more people embrace the freedom and adventure of RV travel. However, like any business, it requires thorough planning, financing, and market understanding. Keep reading to learn the profitability of RV parks, essential considerations before starting one, financing options like the SBA 504 loan, […]

How To Buy Land For Sale In Colorado

land for sale sign in a green field

If you’re considering buying land for sale in Colorado, you’re making a decision that can offer both personal satisfaction and financial gain. From the Rocky Mountains to the vast plains, Colorado’s stunning landscapes make it a desirable location for rural business development. This guide will walk you through the process, from finding the right plot […]

Top Misconceptions About The SBA 504 Loan

Small businesses often face challenges when seeking financing to grow or expand their operations. The SBA 504 loan program is a great option that provides long-term, fixed-rate financing for major fixed assets, such as land, buildings, and equipment. However, there are several misconceptions surrounding the SBA 504 loan program that may prevent businesses from exploring […]

Buying Out a Business Partner With a 504 Loan

business partners shaking hands

Depending on the circumstances, buying out a business partner can be an emotional and stressful experience. Even if the decision was made on good terms, you still need to consider factors like fair value, taxes, legal implications, and, of course, funding. One financial resource many may not be aware of when it comes to buying […]

How Do Small Businesses Help The Economy?

woman in yellow top and apron holds a sign that says "open" in chalk. She is a new business owner.

The SBA recently increased its size standards for small businesses in an effort to expand access to its loan programs. This is an important step in the association’s ongoing quest to support small business owners. In 2022 alone, the federal government awarded $163.9 billion dollars to small businesses, accounting for nearly a quarter of all […]

New Size Standard For SBA 504 and 7a Loans

beads spelling out "inflation" on light green background

An Alternative Size Standard has been made permanent as a Final Rule published in the Federal Register as of 2/15/2024. The Rule accounts for inflation and significantly increases the allowable net worth and after-tax net income for small businesses looking to apply for SBA 504 and 7a loans. This is exciting news, as it means […]

Open a Bed and Breakfast with the SBA 504

bed and breakfast sign

Are you someone who has always dreamed of running your own cozy retreat, where guests can enjoy a home away from home experience? If so, starting a bed and breakfast (B&B) might be the perfect venture for you. Running a B&B does have special considerations, however, including financing. Read our article to learn more about […]

Can You Use a SBA 504 Loan for Self Storage?

self storage unit open to reveal stacks of boxes

Starting or expanding a self-storage business can be a lucrative venture. Nearly everyone will need a storage unit at some point, which makes it a fairly attractive investment. 11.1 percent of all American households currently utilize self storage, contributing to this 29 billion dollar industry. So how can you get in on the action? For […]

Can You Use an SBA Loan for a Franchise?

franchise represented with wooden building blocks with cartoon diner in red

In many cases you can utilize an SBA 504 to finance the acquisition of a franchise. However, there are a few criteria you must meet in order to qualify. Read our blog to learn about the SBA loan franchise requirements and what ways the loan can help your business.  What is the SBA Franchise Directory? […]

Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design

interior of a beauty salon with lit mirrors and stools

The interior of a beauty salon is nearly as important as the skill level of the stylists working there. From adequate lighting to an overall mood, the design of your studio is both practical and cosmetic. Despite the importance of a sleek and functional atmosphere, you may be concerned about the costs associated with interior […]